Making data available
at every level

Cutting-edge social apps in hospitality and retail that allow stakeholders to monetise their hard work and unleash their creativity.


Pythagoras Technology is defragmenting the hospitality industry through supply chain and product lifecycle transparentisation.

We are building transformative software that standardises information flows, and empowers knowledge creators and influencers to take control of their own data.

We are developing world-class technology that weaves the hospitality industry together.



Bars and Restaurants

Industry Professionals

Food and Drink Enthusiasts

In many industries with fewer layers the market converts hard work more efficiently. In hospitality and retail originality faces too much friction to be optimally recognised

We believe that by demystifying data flows in the multilayered social media context, people responsible for knowledge creation — and revenues thereby — should be rewarded proportionally to profits.

Pythagoras Technology makes data in hospitality and retail available to stakeholders at every level.

Principia Mercimonia

The Pythagoras Technology researchers have developed our proprietary methodology of product, process, and parameter categorisation, forming a coherent structure that encompasses industry instances. In a nod to great mathematicians, we have called it Principia Mercimonia — principles of commodities. It allows us to build apps that minimise friction and enable stakeholders to monetise their creativity.


Machine learning for data-driven decisions, inventory optimisation, recipe planning, and trend analysis.


Knowledge creation attribution in multilayered social apps with a granular view of the industry.

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